by Héloïse Rivière | 14 October 2015

    Staying updated while on the go: 6Live, the new app developed by WordAppeal for Crédit Agricole Group, allows employees to do just that! Crédit Agricole employees can now browse news from all the Group’s channels in one place via their smartphone or tablet device.

    Context: In 2013, Crédit Agricole SA began bolstering their editorial eco-system by structuring their internal communications around the company’s website (credit-agricole.com), a daily newsletter (60 Seconds), a monthly webzine (6 Minutes), and a bi-annual magazine (6 Months Together). This structure provided employees with valuable insights into important news topics for the Group, but the content was only accessible from desktops.

    Our contribution: WordAppeal responded to the client’s need for better accessibility on the go by developing the custom app “6Live.” Created for mobiles and tablets, 6Live not only offers a dashboard for internal news (Group, business line and subsidiary news), but also external news gathered from Crédit Agricole’s digital eco-system, including:

    • Institutional sites and specialized blogs
    • Social networks (integrated into a “Social Wall”)
    • Internal digital platforms (intranets, newsletters, webzines, etc.)

    The content stream is customized according to users’ personal logins and preference settings, and users can subscribe to channels they are interested in. The fully-optimized mobile interface is available in four languages: English, French, Italian and Polish.

    Our services:

    • Strategic framework and prototyping
    • Ergonomic design / UX
    • Graphic design
    • Project management: technical specifications, technical partner selection, QA testing
    • Launch plan: creation of a promotional video, internal event planning

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    BOURBON puts WordAppeal at the helm of its new corporate website

    by Elizabeth Husson | 28 April 2014

    WordAppeal is pleased to announce the addition of a new client account: BOURBON, a leader in offshore marine oil services. The agency was recently asked to helm the redesign of the Group’s website. The new site will fuse its current corporate platform, www.bourbon-online.com, and bourbon.jobs, its recruitment hub.

    The future website aims to position BOURBON as a choice service provider in its industry. It will help visitors (re)discover why BOURBON is an essential intermediary in the oil industry and how the Group provides the finest quality service to demanding clients. Site visitors who wish to venture behind the scenes at BOURBON are invited to peruse the Group’s informational webzine. The goal: allow readers to get a new, more intimate look at BOURBON’s employees and professions. A more modern graphic identity, coupled with a more ergonomic homepage layout, is designed to spotlight BOURBON company news, its fleet, its people, and its range of safe, reliable services.

    In addition, the website’s responsive web design makes it easier than ever to follow the Group anywhere, anytime. Readers can catch up with BOURBON on their desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

    The website is scheduled to launch this summer.

    WordAppeal’s contributions:
    • Methodology and sitemap
    • Graphic and ergonomic design
    • Editorial consulting and content guidelines
    • Content integration for the site’s launch

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  • WordAppeal blows Weave away

    by Elizabeth Husson | 28 January 2014

    Weave, a strategy consulting firm, chose WordAppeal to develop its 2014 brand tagline.

    Promoting a firm that’s anything but conventional

    Keeping in line with the firm’s brand image as a “bold risk taker,” WordAppeal developed the tagline “Doped up on turbulence,” which aims to turn clichés of consulting firms on their heads.

    The word “turbulence” evokes two kinds of disruptions: firstly, the general context of instability through which Weave consultants are asked to guide their clients, and secondly, the energy they pour into revealing the transformative operational solutions that can emerge from a seemingly chaotic whirlwind.

    A print and digital campaign unlike the rest

    In addition to the print materials created to showcase the new tagline, WordAppeal assisted Weave in boosting the campaign’s virality by filming a video that features the firm’s consultants.

    Our pitch: a video that breathes life into Weave’s new tagline through humor and a dose of the unexpected.

    The result: a group of Weavers go through three distinct phases, from “calm before the turbulence” to “the adrenaline rush during the whirlwind” to “the resulting sense of well-being.”

    This unique staging would not have been possible without the talents of Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin, renowned photographer with whom WordAppeal collaborated on the project, and l’Eclaireur, the design studio responsible for the overall graphic identity of the various campaign materials.

    WordAppeal assisted Weave with the following:

    • Defining the new tagline • Designing the campaign’s print materials, including the 2014 greeting card and print ad, • Rolling out the campaign’s digital and mobile collateral, including the digital version of the greeting card and print ads with QR codes.

  • WordAppeal wins the ESCP Europe account!

    by Elizabeth Husson | 19 November 2013

    WordAppeal has recently won the competition organized by the Paris Île-de-France chamber of commerce to determine which agency would devise and manage the ESCP Europe Business School’s newest communications campaign. Founded in 1819, ESCP Europe is France’s oldest business school and has campuses in 5 European cities (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Turin).

    The agency will be charged with developing the graphic design and slogan for the new campaign, as well as with creating the online and offline communications materials: magazine advertisements, web banners, goodies, etc.


    WordAppeal takes on new site redesign

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 7 May 2013

    It’s not always easy to find simple ways to talk about such complex topics as investments, mutual funds, the stock market, UCITS and asset management. But that was the challenge WordAppeal faced during the site redesign of sicavetfcp.lcl.fr, the French-language site dedicated to the LCL mutual funds market managed by Amundi.

    Comprehensive support

    WordAppeal put its expertise to use in assisting the Amundi teams dedicated to the LCL network. Contributions included: • Methodology, scope and sitemap • Needs assessment by target audience, audit, benchmarking • Content production • Graphic design

    This new iPad-compatible portal is more modern, both in content and format. Videos such as "The mutual funds market as you’ve never seen it" present mutual funds in a new light to key audiences.

    A redesign full of challenges

    Identity: The site fully incorporates LCL graphic standards, giving LCL credibility as an investment expert. Design: The site is designed as a portal with a specific section dedicated to each target audience, offering customized content. Informational and educational content: Practical tools and content help demystify mutual funds and asset management, helping the user better understand the world of asset management. Transformation: The site enhances the offer by encouraging visitors to schedule appointments with LCL advisors.

  • Regardsprotestants: introducing iPhone and iPad apps!

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 8 March 2013

    With WordAppeal’s assistance, the Pastor Eugène Bersier Foundation is releasing both an iPhone and an iPad app for its news feed. The apps serve to further offer readers a full picture of current Protestant thinking in France and Switzerland.

    Available for iPhone:

    • Articles, videos and podcasts on all subjects in the news
    • A calendar of upcoming important events
    • A GPS tool to help users quickly find nearby places of worship and other gathering spaces

    Available for iPad:

    • All info and news in article, podcast and video formats

    Download the apps here: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/regards-protestants/id599592169?mt=8

    WordAppeal assisted the Foundation in creating the apps: defining functionalities, establishing ergonomics, composing graphics and developing tools.

  • Regardsprotestants launch!

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 17 January 2013

    The Pastor Eugène Bersier Foundation, with the help of WordAppeal, has launched Regardsprotestants, a website dedicated to news from a Protestant perspective.

    A unique gateway into the Protestant world, www.regardsprotestants.com unites content from more than 40 French Protestant media (blogs, TV, press, radio, etc.). From society to faith, culture and international affairs, the website covers all topics that are making headlines around the world.

    This new website - completely free - is aimed at people of the Protestant faith, and more broadly, to anyone interested in religion.

    According to Isabelle Fiévet-Rossignol, Bersier Foundation editorial director: "This project, supported by the Protestant Federation of France, aims to help Protestant media make the transition to increasingly digital and free information. Far from wanting to provide a unified voice – insofar as possible, given that the currents of thought in Protestantism are numerous! – the website will help to distinguish Protestant and non-Protestant beliefs.“

    Interactivity, dialogue and mobility

    www.regardsprotestants.com offers users the ability to voice their opinion about online articles via features that enable comments and sharing. To explore topics further, the “Debates” section invites users to participate in discussions centred on major issues. As such, our first planned debate will be: should one show his or her faith? The site also offers many applications that enable people to keep abreast of news relevant to the Protestant world. These applications include a geolocalization tool that identifies Protestant places of worship that are close-by. All these services are accessible on the go via the mobile site and iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The digital communications plan also includes a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

    WordAppeal’s contributions:

    • Methodology and sitemap
    • Technical specifications
    • Graphic design
    • Development (Drupal)
    • Content integration for the site’s launch
    • Creation of Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube -channel
    • Development of the mobile version, and applications
    • Graphic design of launch material.

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